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Incorporation by Foreign Individuals

The incorporation of a company by foreigners living in Japan is not excessively difficult, however in the case of foreigners living outside of Japan, there are a few factors to consider.

Furthermore, if you are considering to apply for a Business Manager visa with the new company, there are a few additional points to keep in mind when incorporating.

Incorporation by foreigners living in Japan

For foreigners living in Japan, the procedures for incorporation are not much different from the procedures followed by a Japanese national.  Please refer to the following pages.

Incorporation Steps – Joint Stock Company (KK)
Incorporation Steps – Limited Liability Company (GK)

Incorporation by foreigners living outside of Japan

Foreigners living overseas that wish to incorporate a company in Japan will be faced with the following challenges.

  1. What document will be submitted in lieu of a personal seal certificate?
  2. Since they will not have a bank account in Japan, whose account will the initial capital be deposited to?
  3. Since they will not be able to lease an office, where will the registered address of the company be?

Note: In the past, there was a requirement for at least one representative director of the company to be a resident of Japan, however this practice has now been changed.

The legal professionals at SHIMAX LEGAL have a wealth of experience assisting foreign individuals incorporating companies in Japan.  All legal documents for incorporation will be created with English reference translations and consultation can of course be provided in English.