Shimax Legal


Process and Workflow

Roughly speaking, the process from an initial inquiry to completion of registration will be as follows.

1. Send us your inquiry

To begin, please contact us through our online inquiry form.
Tell us in general terms about the nature of your inquiry. We will setup an appointment with you and let you know what to bring.

Online inquiries
Please send us your inquiries through our online form.
All inquiries are free of charge and there are of course no obligations.

2. Consultation and estimate

We will discuss with you about your specific needs. We will then explain the procedures to you in detail, provide an estimate of the costs involved and the required documents.

3. Official order

Review our explanations and quotations, and if you are satisfied, please ask us to proceed.

4. Prepare/collect documents

We will create all of the necessary legal documents for the requested procedure. We may also ask you to collect some documents for us as well. (Note that we may be able to obtain some of the documents for you if requested.)

5. Execute documents and make payment

We will ask you to execute all of the necessary documents. In principle, we request that all registration fees are paid to prior to filing of the registration application.

6. File registration application

Once we have received all executed documents and have confirmed receipt of payment of the registration fees, we will file the registration application for you.

7. Completion of registration and return of documents

We will let you know when the registration has been completed, collect new copies of the registration certificate and return the documents used for the registration to you.